Top Homeopathic Medicines for AUTISM or ASD Treatment

Autism is generally a neurobehavioral disorder,Guest Posting which leads to impairments in developmental skills, language, communication, and social interaction. Rigid and repetitive behaviors also mark it. Due to the broad spectrum of associated symptoms, the condition is often referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD varies greatly in its severity ranging from negligible to devastating disabilities.

Children affected with autism face trouble in communication. They fail to understand the emotions and feelings of other people. As a result, expressing themselves with language or gestures becomes very difficult for them. Children who are very sensitive can be greatly troubled by this disorder. They may be pained by smells, sounds, sights, or touches, which seem quite normal to other people.

People with autism generally face developmental delays that may be characterized by uneven development of skills. They may lack basic abilities like communication and behavior, but they may possess commendably enriched skills in areas like music, drawing, memorizing facts, and puzzle solving.

The Causes of Autism

The exact causes of autism are still not known to the world. However, the researchers believe that multiple causes and not just one trigger autism. A wide range of circumstances such as biological, genetics, and environmental conditions are likely to result in autism. According to the studies, genes have a major performance in triggering autism.

Identical twins are generally more prone to get affected by the disorder in comparison to fraternal. A child born in a family that already has an autistic child has an increased chance of developing the disease. The scientists doubt that an abnormal gene might make an individual more prone to autism when combined with other factors such as viruses, chemical imbalance, or insufficient oxygen during birth.

In certain cases, autism can be caused due to:

Tuberous sclerosis.
Rubella or German measles during pregnancy.
Fragile X syndrome.
Untreated phenylketonuria.
Encephalitis, otherwise known as brain inflammation.
The other causes of an autistic condition can be environmental toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides. Heavy metals like mercury are more commonly found in the atmosphere today than ever before. It can be certainly said that people with higher chances of developing autism are much more sensitive to such toxin as compared to the others.

The Signs and symptoms of Autism

The signs and symptoms of autism usually become noticeable during the initial three years after birth. In some children, the symptoms show up from birth. The others seem to be normal at the beginning but suddenly slip into autism symptoms by eighteen to thirty-six months of age. In certain cases, the signs of autism may not be very vividly noticeable until the environmental demands go beyond the capabilities of the affected individual.

A child with autism faces a tough time establishing interactions with others. He may exhibit social symptoms such as the following:

Preferring to stay alone.
Avoiding physical contact.
Avoiding eye contact.
Not feeling interested in playing, talking, or sharing things with others.
Lacking basic emotions.
Near about forty percent of children affected with autism do not talk entirely whereas twenty-five to thirty percent develop language skills initially but lose them after some time. The most commonly noticed communication symptoms include:

Delayed speech or language.
Robot-like voice.
Repetitive speech.
Issues with pronunciations.
Rare or zero use of gestures.
Lack of consistency while communicating.
None recognition of jokes and sarcasm.
The scope of homeopathy treatment for Autism

The scope of homeopathy treatment for autism is very high. Homeopathic remedies can treat the autism affected people naturally without any side effects. Proper homeopathy treatment tailored by existing mental, physical, behavioral, and psychological symptoms can help improve the developmental abilities. Children with autism differ from one another. Their symptoms, behavior, and challenges vary individually.

The homeopathy treatment for autism targets individual symptoms and tr

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